Shoppers: the world at your fingertips

1. Post a shopping request

The choice is yours - it can be absolutely anything!

Craving that coffee from Italy or Australia? Can't seem to get your hands on those limited edition shoes only available in the UK? Looking for the latest gadgets that are always released first in the US? Want to get a 30% discount on that French designer handbag you've been saving for? 

Tell us more. We'll find you the right traveller to deliver it to you.

  1. Describe what you want.
  2. Tell us how much you think it will cost (factoring in any customs duties that might be applicable in your country of origin).
  3. Tell us how much you're willing to pay a traveller to deliver it.
  4. Tell us when you want it and how you want to collect it.

2. Choose from our community of trusted travellers

Once your request is live, our travellers will make an offer to help. Choose who you want, either based on turnaround time, quality of reviews, or mutual friend connections, etc. When you receive an offer, you can contact your traveller using our in-app messaging function - make sure you're both on the same page!

3. Safely deposit your money with us

All you need is a credit card!

Your money will only be released to your chosen traveller once you confirm receipt of your item.  Pending this confirmation, your money will be safe with our payment provider.  If for any reason the transaction falls through, we'll give you a full refund.

4. Keep up-to-date with our item tracker

Your traveller will update you every step of the way. Get notified when the item has been purchased, and when it is ready for collection.

Want more updates or a picture of your item? Contact your traveller using our in-app messaging function.

5. Collect your item

You can either meet your traveller in person, or pick it up at one of the collection centres of our logistics partner.  It's up to you!

Once you confirm that all is in order, we will release payment to the traveller. Both parties will then have the opportunity to rate and review each other. We hope for nothing less than 5 stars for everyone!

Travellers: already on the road or about to be?

1. Browse the shopping requests

Check out what shoppers are looking for and how much they are willing to pay you to bring it back. You can sort requests by country of origin or by category.

2. Respond to a request by making an offer

Respond to a shopping request by offering to buy and bring back an item. Not sure if it's worth your time? Negotiate a higher reward by contacting the shopper using our in-app messaging function.

3. Get out there and shop

Someone's paying you to shop, make the most out of it! 

Want to make sure you're buying the right thing? Get some guidance by contacting your shopper using our in-app messaging function. You can send photos too!

Keep the shopper in the loop by updating our item tracker - remember to notify the shopper when you've purchased the item!

4. Hand over

Meet the shopper in person, or drop off the package at one of the collection centres of our logistics partner. Your bank account will be credited shortly!