Travelshop was created to connect shoppers (that's ALL OF YOU) with a trusted community of travellers.  You can be both if you like!

Ever asked a friend travelling overseas to bring back something you can't find locally? Come on, we've all been there.

Ever been asked by friends (or their freeloading friends) to lug around extra suitcases full of goodies from overseas?  Now you can make extra cash for it!

In Hong Kong, the crowd is always looking out for the latest trends in fashion, art, food, health, name it. Traditional shopping channels have their limitations, as does e-commerce, that's why we started Travelshop! Through our app, you can get access to a trusted community of travellers that will charge a small fee to bring home your favourite products from overseas.  Gone are the days when you had to rely on websites that charge exorbitant shipping fees. With Travelshop, it's cheaper and nothing is out of reach!

And for those of you that are constantly flying, whether for pleasure or business - you know who you are - Travelshop offers you a way of making some extra cash while you're at it.  Make full use of that luggage allowance by bringing products home from overseas!

Travelshop, your ultimate shopping solution (that also happens to reward you for travelling).   

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